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Redesigned Whole Foods Market® app enables time-saving, in-app grocery ordering, delivery

Whole Foods Market shoppers with Apple iOS devices can now enjoy the expanded functionality of Whole Foods Market’s completely redesigned Whole Foods Market® app, featuring intuitive navigation and time-saving features that enable shoppers to have recipes, ingredients and shopping lists quickly and conveniently delivered through Instacart in-app integration.

“WATERSHED” debuts at Whole Foods Market® Do Something Reel™ Online Film Festival

Whole Foods Market announces the online premiere of “WATERSHED: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West,” the second film in this year’s Do Something Reel Film Festival. Produced by James Redford, narrated by his father, Robert Redford, and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, “WATERSHED” will be available to online audiences for one month, beginning May 1, at for $5.99.

“Truck Farm” and “King Corn” debut at Whole Foods Market® Do Something Reel Film Festival in July

Today Whole Foods Market announces that “King Corn” and “Truck Farm,” will make their debut in July as part of the company’s Do Something Reel Film Festival.

“The Last Supper” named as official selection for California and Arizona film festivals this weekend

Steak and potatoes? Lasagna? Pepperoni pizza? It’s almost an impossible question for many people to think about what their last meal would be, but Julie Green from Corvallis, Ore., turned this question into art when she began depicting images of the final meal requests of death-row inmates.

“Lunch Line” featured as September film in Whole Foods Market’s® Do Something Reel Film Festival

Just in time for back-to-school, Whole Foods Market will feature “Lunch Line” as the seventh film in this year’s Do Something Reel Film Festival.

“GROW!” debuts in August at Whole Foods Market®  Do Something Reel Film Festival

Today Whole Foods Market announces that “GROW!” will debut online in August as part of the company’s Do Something Reel Film Festival.  In addition, this month marks the beginning of a partnership with digital entertainment curator, FilmBuff, which will bring the films featured through the Festival to a larger audience through multi-platform distribution.

‘The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevity’

John Mackey and co-authors Drs. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman, of the popular documentary, Forks Over Knives, dispel nutritional myths and simplify a huge body of medical science, health research, and nutritional advice to help readers make more informed food choices and discover how The Whole Foods Diet, can help promote health and longevity.

‘Big Cheese’ Cathy Strange becomes first American honored with the Italian prize ‘Coltellino d’oro’

No one celebrates the “king of cheese,” Parmigiano Reggiano, better than Whole Foods Market®, and the grocer’s global cheese buyer Cathy Strange was awarded for her dedication to preserving the craftsmanship of the Italian cheese with the “Coltellino d’oro,” or golden knife, by the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano. Strange is not only the first American to be acknowledged with this award, but the first non-Italian as well. Additionally, she was named ambassador of Parmigiano Reggiano in the U.S. by the Consortium president of the Modena region, Aldemiro Bertolini.

‘At the Fork’ film debuts on DVD at Whole Foods Market

The animal welfare documentary film “At the Fork,” is now available on DVD exclusively at select Whole Foods Market stores and on-demand via iTunes and Amazon.

You ‘cheddar’ believe it – 70 Whole Foods Market® cheesemongers take home highest cheese honor

Whole Foods Market cheesemongers don’t crumble under pressure, whether it’s at the cheese counter or during the first-ever American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional™ exam. Of the 121 cheesemongers who passed the exam, 70 were from Whole Foods Market’s Canada and U.S. stores, making it the retailer with the largest number of certified cheese experts in North America.

Without pollinators, shoppers would kiss chocolate goodbye

If pollinators like bees and midges vanished, up to 90 percent of the world’s supply of cocoa would vanish too–a potentially bleak forecast for Americans who, on average, consume 11.7 pounds of chocolate per person each year.* This is one of the many reasons why Whole Foods Market and The Xerces Society are teaming up to “share the buzz” about the critical role pollinators play in the global food supply and how shoppers can help protect their declining populations.

Wines from some of Argentina’s highest-rated wineries celebrated at Whole Foods Market®

Argentina’s diverse mix of people, terrain and climates creates a rich culture known for the rhythmic tango, char-grilled beef, and some of the world’s most robust, delicious wines. This spring, Whole Foods Market will celebrate wines from Argentina, which include a lightly floral torrontes to an intense, earthy bonarda, sometimes referred to as the “next malbec.”

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