Christina Minardi

President – Northeast Region

Christina Minardi was born in Patterson, New Jersey and grew up in a bakery that has been run by her family since 1927.

Jeff Turnas

President – U.K. Region

His first job with the Company was as Associate Store Team Leader in Chicago’s Lakeview store.

Joe Rogoff

President — Pacific Northwest Region

Joe Rogoff began his natural foods career in Northern California in 1974. Working at co-ops, small retailers, and running his own local foraging/delivery business, he did just about every job in grocery.

Omar Gaye

President - South Region

Omar Gaye has been president of Whole Foods Market’s South Region since May 2012.

Juan Nunez

President – Florida Region

Juan Nunez has spent his career in natural and organic foods.

Laura Derba

President – North Atlantic Region

With nearly 30 years of experience in the grocery industry, Laura Derba has firsthand knowledge of every aspect of grocery store operation.

Mark Dixon

President – Southwest Region

Mark Dixon has been working in the natural foods industry for 27 years.  He joined Whole Foods Market in 1984 as a Grocery Team Member.

Michael Bashaw

President – Midwest Region

Michael Bashaw’s career with Whole Foods Market started 20 years ago as a Bread and Circus Team Member in the North Atlantic Region.

Bill Jordan

President – Rocky Mountain Region

Bill Jordan has worked in the natural foods industry since 1985. Bill grew up in Southern California and began working as a courtesy clerk at Mrs. Gooch’s, a business Whole Foods Market acquired in 1993.

Patrick Bradley

President – Southern Pacific Region

His passion for food, innovation, creativity and retail excellence have contributed to the on-going success of Whole Foods Market.

Rob Twyman

President - Northern California Region

Rob Twyman is President of Whole Foods Market’s Northern California Region.

Scott Allshouse

President – Mid Atlantic Region

Scott Allshouse’s career in the grocery industry has spanned three decades, beginning at age 15.