Akua Woolbright is an expert in plant-based nutrition who specializes in teaching people how to use food to lose weight, feel more energetic, look younger, reduce medications, and prevent and reverse disease.

Dr. Woolbright began her career with Whole Foods Market in 2009 when she joined the corporate office in Austin, TX where she helped to create the company’s national healthy eating program. In 2015, she became the founding member of Whole Cities Foundation, which carries out the company’s mission to increase access to fresh, healthy food and quality nutrition information in low-income communities around the country. In addition to teaching weekly classes in Newark, NJ, the Englewood community in Chicago, IL, and other cities around the country, Dr. Woolbright currently runs the foundation’s Let’s Talk Food Nutrition and Culinary Education Center in Midtown Detroit where hundreds of students attend healthy eating lectures, cooking demonstrations, and support groups each week.

Prior to joining Whole Foods Market in 2009, Dr. Woolbright lived in Washington, D.C., where she received her MA in sociology and PhD in nutritional science from Howard University and worked as a public health nutritionist in the areas of breastfeeding promotion, cancer prevention and survival, HIV/AIDS treatment, weight loss, asthma, and international childhood malnutrition.

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