Rick Bonin began his career at Whole Foods Market in 1999 as a Store Team Leader in the Boston-area. Rick continued his career growth on to Executive Coordinator of Operations in the North Atlantic, which encompasses Boston and all of New England. Rick eventually found himself relocating across the Atlantic in 2006, later opening the flagship Kensington store in West London in 2007 as Executive Store Team Leader. He went on to serve as Regional Vice President of the United Kingdom region for two more years. Rick returned to the North Atlantic region as Regional Vice President in 2009, where he supported the opening of 16 new stores. Rick’s passion for Operational Excellence and the Customer and Team Member Experience has served the region well through its growth and long-term success.

In 2018, Rick was promoted to President of the North Atlantic Region where he oversees more than 42 stores in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. In addition to his passion for natural foods, Rick is also an avid ocean kayaker and cyclist.