Doug Bell

Senior Global Coordinator of Beverage

Doug has acquired a rarefied view of the world of buying and selling wine from living in California wine country, traveling to every major wine region of the world, attending wine expositions, blending wines with winemakers, designing wine labels, sitting on wine panels, speaking at wine and beverage conferences, doing media interviews and connecting with our customers via social media and in stores. We like to think of him as a bonafide wine rock star but he’s quick to squelch our enthusiastic attempts to promote him as such. The truth is he’s a thoughtful, dedicated, and humble wine dude with a penchant and expertise for finding top quality wines with broad appeal, at the best possible prices. He considers wine to be a universal symbol of community and an integral part of a complete culinary experience. He’s driven by the sole desire to connect our customers and guests with just the right bottle of wine, every time.

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