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Whole Foods Market celebrates National Drink Wine Day with special wine deal

Customers get 20 percent off all Criterion wines

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 13, 2017) – National Drink Wine Day is Feb. 18, and Whole Foods Market is celebrating by taking 20 percent off the price of all Criterion wines.

Criterion wines are created to be classic, benchmark examples of wine styles from important wine regions around the world, and are ideal for new wine enthusiasts and experts alike. For sommeliers-in-training, these wines come in handy when teaching the nose/palate characteristics to look for to identify these varieties.

Whole Foods Market’s wine experts Doug Bell, and Devon Broglie use their years of industry experience and acquired expertise to work closely with extremely talented winemakers across the globe, tasting countless wines from a multitude of classic wine areas to create Criterion wines that embody and highlight the distinctive characteristics of each wine from a particular region. 

Bottles include:

This year’s monthly offers, which will be announced a week before each date, build on Whole Foods Market’s past food holiday celebrations, including 25-cent coffee on National Coffee Day, discounted bakery pies and pizzas for National Pi Day and 25-cent cookies on National Cookie Day. In 2017, shoppers can expect a mix of old favorites and new celebrations.  

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Devon Broglie, MS

Master Sommelier and Global Beverage Buyer

Devon became a Master Sommelier in 2011.

Doug Bell

Senior Global Coordinator of Beverage

Doug has acquired a rarefied view of the world of buying and selling wine from living in California wine country, traveling to every major wine region of the world, attending wine expositions, blending wines with winemakers, designing wine labels, sitting on wine panels, speaking at wine and beverage conferences, doing media interviews and connecting with our customers via social media and in stores.