Whole Foods Market’s Community Giving programs provide a wide range of resources to help address existing and emerging needs in the communities we serve. We work with individuals and organizations that share our higher purpose to nourish people and the planet, and proudly support thousands of nonprofit organizations and initiatives yearly.

How Whole Foods Market nourishes people and the planet through hyperlocal community support:

Store Directed Giving

Store Giving

Whole Foods Market contributes to community-based nonprofit organizations with missions and values focused on nourishing people and the planet. Our community investments are led by our team members through a voting process with funds awarded biannually.

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In-Kind Donations

Through our In-Kind Donation program, community-based nonprofit organizations can request in-kind product donations throughout the calendar year from their local Whole Foods Market stores. In-kind product donations are awarded outside of the Store Directed Giving monetary vote.

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Austin Community Giving

To further support Hometown Giving, organizations based in Austin, TX, can apply for additional monetary consideration from our Austin Community Giving program.

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Nourishing Our Neighborhoods

The Nourishing Our Neighborhoods program supports community-based food rescue organizations through the donation of refrigerated vans. These vans expand an organization’s capacity and capability to move food from where it’s available to where it’s needed most. Each donated van has the capacity to rescue more than 1 million pounds of food, equating to over $866K meals per year.

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