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Whole Foods Market local producer loans crest $5M mark

Celebrates milestone by giving away assortment of products made by loan recipients

Austin, TX (Oct. 6, 2011) -- Whole Foods Market’s Local Producer Loan Program has now funded more than $5 million in low-interest loans for farmers, food artisans and small businesses. The company will celebrate the milestone by giving away an assortment of products made by loan recipients.

 Visit the Whole Story blog for details on the giveaway.



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Erin Harper

Senior Program Manager, Local Producer Loan Program

Erin Harper oversees Whole Foods Market’s Local Producer Loan Program, which provides low-interest loans to small producers and farmers.

Errol Schweizer

Executive Global Grocery Coordinator

As the executive global grocery coordinator, Errol plays a crucial role in setting Whole Foods Market apart from big-box food retailers. With more than 18 years of experience working in virtually every aspect of food retail—from coordinating a CSA and co-op market and managing overnight stock crews to running the helm of Whole Foods Market’s Global Grocery program—Errol knows what makes a product stand out on the shelf.

Theo Weening

Global Meat Buyer

Theo’s passion for quality meats; intricate knowledge of raising practices, cuts and preparation techniques; and his dedication to the art of a centuries-old craft has made him a highly-sought national expert.