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Whole Foods Market one-day sale: wild Alaska Sockeye salmon

Wild Alaska sockeye salmon on sale 6/21 for $11.99/lb

Date of sale: June 21, 2013

What’s on sale: wild Alaska Sockeye slamon

Price: $11.99/lb.

What to know about this salmon:

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Cooking suggestions:

Wild salmon is a healthy choice for summer BBQs or light family meals. It’s easy to grill, broil, roast or poach.

Fine print:

$11.99 is price for U.S. stores only. In Canada, price is $2.64 per 100 grams. Availability may vary. No rain checks.


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David Pilat

Global Seafood Buyer

David Pilat has accumulated a wealth of seafood knowledge and experience having worked in several stores, four regions, and Whole Foods Market’s own seafood processing facility in Pigeon Cove based in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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