LOS ANGELES (February 8, 2012) – For many, the aisles of Whole Foods Market are the perfect place to shop for love. With a health-conscious, active-lifestyle clientele the company’s stores are often considered a nirvana for single individuals all over. This year, to help shoppers get that loving feeling in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, Whole Foods Market will launch a new video mini-series, “In the Market – An Organic Love Story,” tracking one individual’s hunt for romance.

Starting February 8, 2012, one video will be released every day, leading up to the series conclusion on Valentine’s Day. Produced by Omelet, a Los Angeles-based branding, advertising and entertainment company, “In the Market – An Organic Love Story” features a charming, lovable shopper, Ben who, with the help of his friends — Alex and Ted — sets out to find his Valentine before he turns 30 on Valentine’s Day. With his eye on every girl in yoga pants, Ben attempts to “arouse the lady buds” with everything from free wine to his attempts at “gourmet” cooking.

“For many of our shoppers Whole Foods Market isn’t just where they go to grab all the fixings for dinner – it’s where they go to find the ingredients for love,” said Andi Dowda, regional marketing coordinator Whole Foods Market – Southern Pacific Region. ”And with romance on the mind this time of year, these films are a fun, light-hearted approach to spreading that love for our shoppers to enjoy. Anyone can find love in the most unlikely places. As our character Ben put it, ‘if you meet someone in Whole Foods, at least you know you have one thing in common — you both shop at the same store.”

To see if our Whole Foods Market shopper finds true love, visit www.wholefoodslovelocal.com/.

“An Organic Love Story” is part of a newly-launched series of mini-documentaries called “Love Local,” which celebrates the relationships Whole Foods Market’s Southern Pacific region stores have forged with their local partners, team members and customers. For more information on Whole Foods Market’s “Love Local” campaign please visit www.wholefoodslovelocal.com.