AUSTIN, Texas (July 15, 2009)


Whole Foods Market celebrated its first 1 million Twitter followers by giving away a million … grains of quinoa, that is. In addition to the mini-mountain of whole grain -which tips the scale at about five pounds – the lucky millionth follower also received a $50 Whole Foods Market gift card.

To boost the festivities, Whole Foods Market has challenged its followers to tweet their five-word food philosophies.  Ten creative fans will win $50 Whole Foods Market gift cards -plus five pounds of quinoa – for submitting the best philosophies. The contest wraps up Friday, July 17.

“Can you pronounce those ingredients?” was the first winning micro-philosophy.

Other fun submissions include:

  • “Peanut butter goes with everything.”
  • “Just say yes to chocolate.”
  • “Good cooks make good friends.”
  • “Life is short. Eat well.”

Hurry and tweet your five-word philosophy or search “#wholefoods5” on Twitter for all the entries and results! “We're having a blast interacting with our customers on Twitter,” said Bill Tolany, global coordinator of Integrated Media for Whole Foods Market. “It's obvious that we have some incredibly passionate and creative customers, but the contest's not over yet.  You still have time to submit your #wholefoods5 philosophy and get your hands on a gift card and a million grains of quinoa!” When they're not in contest mode, followers tweet Whole Foods Market about virtually everything, from recipe ideas and special diet suggestions to information regarding in-store promotions and specialty items.  Some even use Twitter to brush up on the latest industry issues. While more than 100 Whole Foods Market stores use Twitter to serve local customers, the food-philosophy contest is geared toward followers of Whole Foods Market's primary account.

For updates, be sure to follow @wholefoods on Twitter.