Whole Foods Market is bringing on the birds — whole pasture-raised birds, that is — and offering shoppers pure, savory flavor at an exceptional price. On Friday, May 3, 2013 only, Whole Foods Market’s Southern Pacific region — which includes stores throughout Arizona, Hawaiʻi, Southern California and Nevada — will be selling Pitman Family Farms pasture-raised chickens for just $2.99 per pound. Every bird is raised with care and respect, bringing only the best from the farm to the table.

“Our goal is to provide our shoppers with the highest quality products and foods. Pitman Family Farms’ whole pasture-raised chickens are raised with care, creating healthier chickens which produce a better taste,” said Mike Hacaga, Whole Foods Market regional meat coordinator, Southern Pacific Region. “Every Pitman pasture-raised bird is rated at steps four or five on the Global Animal Partnership 5-StepTM Animal Welfare Rating system, meaning that they meet the highest quality standards for animal welfare, both on-farm and during transport.”

Born and raised in Sanger, California on Pitman Family Farms — a three-generation family-owned business — these pasture-raised chickens enjoy continuous access to the outdoors, with space to flap their wings, preen, dust bathe and feel the grass between their toes. Pitman birds won’t ever experience beak trimming or de-spurring, and Whole Foods Market shoppers can rest assured knowing that the chicken they’re enjoying won’t contain antibiotics or added hormones.

“Many don’t realize that something as simple as open space and an enriched environment makes a big difference in the taste and texture of a chicken,” said David Pitman, Pitman Family Farms farmer. “In addition to roaming, perching and playing outdoors, our chickens live in housing that gives them places to be alone when they need some quiet time, and an environment that encourages their natural behaviors.”

Visit your local Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific store on Friday, May 3 to pick up a Pitman Family Farms pasture-raised chicken for just $2.99 per pound.

For information on pasture-raised chickens, recipes, tips and more, please visit https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blog/why-pasture-raised-chicken-different-and-how-cook-it.