AUSTIN, Texas (Jan. 14, 2012) – In the newest issue of Dark Rye, an online magazine from Whole Foods Market®, the spotlight remains on the dreamers and makers in this world.

This month’s theme, “Work,” features these stories:

Imogene + Willie (Nashville, Tenn.) – Matt and Carrie Eddmenson are the duo behind the beautifully crafted blue jean brand, named after Carrie’s grandparents.
Azalina Eusope (San Francisco) – Azalina grew up in Malaysia and has become a nationally recognized Malaysian street food vendor.
The Massachusetts Avenue Project (Buffalo, N.Y.) – This program transforms vacant lots into gardens and wayward kids into urban farmers.
The Perennial Plate presents Jason Ring (San Diego) – Jason started a micro-farm with his family and learned the true meaning of farm-to-table.

Launched in 2012, Dark Rye uses multimedia storytelling and accessible DIY projects to inspire visitors to pursue their dreams while fostering a more creative and compelling world.

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