The Early Years

SaferWay Group Photo: John Mackey and Renee Lawson Hardy's first store prior to Whole Foods Market (Courtesy Michael McGuire) Clarksville Natural Grocery: Mark Skiles and Craig Weller's store prior to Whole Foods Market Craig Weller, Renee Lawson Hardy and John Mackey Craig Weller and Mark Skiles “Tofu Triplets”: Whole Foods Market co-founders John Mackey, Craig Weller and Mark Skiles First Whole Foods Market store, 1981 1981 flood wreaks havoc on original Whole Foods Market store Post-flood “Resurrection Party” flyer



Renee Lawson Hardy working at Sweet Dreams , the sweets and bread café, at Austin's former Brodie Oaks store in 1985 David Matthis and John Mackey preparing for Houston's Shepherd opening (the first in Houston) Team Members in the Brodie Oaks sourdough bakery (on right is George Eckrich, aka Dr. Kracker, a current Whole Foods Market vendor) in mid-80s Team Member Anita Tshurr doing a cereal demo at the opening of Houston's Shepherd store Team Member Frank Wellerding stacking avocadoes at the former Austin's Brodie Oaks store in the mid-80s John Mackey at the opening of Dallas's Greenville Avenue store which was relocated in 2009 to Lakewood, a mile down the road Bulk department in Austin's former Crossroads store John Mackey and Lex Alexander (co-founder of Wellspring) in front of Wellspring, which was acquired by Whole Foods Market in 1991 Wellspring Grocery (now Whole Foods Market Chapel Hill, NC) AC Gallo (now Whole Foods Market's president) working in Bread and Circus, acquired by Whole Foods market in 1992 In 1976, Walter Robb (current Whole Foods Market co-CEO) started his Weaverville, California, natural foods store, Mountain Marketplace, which he ran for 10 years



Austin Lamar landmark store UK's Kensington store New York City's Bowery and Houston store Community Giving Day Sign Local produce tally sign in Colorado National Certified Organic Grocer sign Organic quantity sign in produce Whole Trade Guarantee bananas Solar panels on Edgewater, NJ's roof Team Member bagging groceries in a Whole Foods Market reusable “Better Bag” Team Member in front of produce Team Member in front of prepared foods