At Whole Foods Market, Kylie directs and supports a team of nutrition, certification, and labeling compliance experts for the company’s exclusive brands, including Whole Foods Market and 365 by Whole Foods Market. The Nutrition and Labeling Compliance Team collaborates with product developers and the design team to ensure the Exclusive Brands products are formulated in line with our elevated Quality Standards and accurately labeled in compliance with all government regulations.

Kylie joined Whole Foods Market with over a decade of combined experience as a practicing registered dietitian, specializing in in supermarket dietetics and Integrative/Functional Nutrition Counseling. Her prior experience provided insight into consumer purchasing, eating and labeling reading habits that have informed her current role on the Exclusive Brands Labeling and Compliance team. Kylie truly loves the supermarket environment as both a consumer and educator, and she is always looking to share her passion for the joy of cooking, shopping and eating whole foods.