Carrie Brownstein

Quality Standards Coordinator, Seafood

In the big picture, Carrie’s work as the Global Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator for Whole Foods Market focuses on creating a model for the seafood industry that supports healthier oceans and communities. Working together with stakeholders and partners—the fish farmers, fishermen, environmental groups, scientists and skilled seafood buyers—she aims to create a seafood market that supports responsible aquaculture production, reverses trends in overfishing and bycatch, and puts us on the right track toward greater sustainability. Day to day, her work involves developing sourcing policies (and programs to implement them) for seafood sold at all Whole Foods Market stores. Carrie has a Masters degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, where she focused on marine ecology and fisheries management. She has worked on seafood sustainability for the past 17 years, but her roots in seafood go farther back: her family has been in the seafood business since 1909.

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