Date and time of sale: June 12 from 4 to 8 p.m.

What’s on sale: All items sold in the grocery bulk departments

Price: 20 percent off all grocery bulk items (flours, nuts, grains, cereals, dried fruits, nut butters, oils, vinegars, salts, trail mixes, seasonings and more)


Reasons to shop bulk all year long:

·        The bulk department offers big savings throughout the year.

o   Shoppers can buy as little or as much of an ingredient as they need, which means they’re not paying for product they won’t use.  

o   Everything in the bulk department uses minimal packaging, which reduces waste and passes savings on to shoppers.

o   Shoppers can pick up a pinch of that once-a-year seasoning or experiment with a new ingredient without paying for the whole bottle or package.

·        Buying in exact amounts cuts down on food spoilage and waste.

·        Bins are replenished often, so ingredients are super fresh.

  • There are tons of options to pick from! Whole Foods Market’s bulk department offers hundreds of high quality natural and organic options – from whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds to dried fruit, granola and snack mixes—all at great value prices.  

Recipe and preparation suggestions:

For more information on products available in Whole Foods Market’s bulk department, visit Learn how to prep these versatile ingredients with one of these fun online cooking guides from Whole Foods Market:

·        Cooking with Whole Grains – Learn to cook with grains like barley, brown rice, bulgar, millet and quinoa

·        Bean Cookin’ 101 – Get tips on sorting, rinsing, soaking and preparing everything from Adzuki Beans to Split Peas.

·        Flours – Get the scoop on storing, substituting and gluten levels (and why they matter).

·        Nuts – Score toasting tips, storage advice as well as nut characteristics and yield.

·        Seeds – Learn how seeds can be a substitute for fat in recipes.

·        Rice – Long-grain, short-grain, medium-grain, oh my! Find out which kind works best in each dish and how long to cook them all.


Fine print:

U.S. and Canada stores only. Excludes coffee, bath salts and pre-packaged bulk items Availability may vary. No rain checks.