AUSTIN, Texas (April 8, 2013) – Throughout April, Whole Foods Market hopes to encourage Earthlings  – or humans inspired by the earth’s beauty and bounty – to contribute and be inspired by its real-time snapshot of the planet’s beauty and bounty with  a new lifestyle theme each week. This week’s Earthling month celebration is focused on local foods.

To join the conversation, visit to upload a message, photo or video using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or, simply use the hashtag #WFMEarthling via Twitter or Instagram.

Shoppers can also visit The Earthling Guide to learn about the foods we feast on and how to minimize our human footprint by eating locally. Check out the guide for tips such as:

·        Eat In Season – Growing foods when they naturally grow best uses less energy and resources, so opt for oranges or artichokes this month.

·        Say “No to GMO” – Look for one of two labels that are your best bet for avoiding genetically modified ingredients: Non-GMO Project Certified and/or USDA Organic.

·        Go Organic – Organic agriculture limits input of toxic and persistent chemicals in the air, soil, water and ultimately, for you and your family.

·        Make it a “Meatless Monday” – Even if you’re not a vegetarian, this is a great way to add a few veggie-centric meals to your week, which increases the return on resources used for growing crops. Besides, producing beef can use up to 40 times the water as growing vegetables.

·        Add “Local Vendors” to your Shopping List – From pickles and cheese to brews and beef, there’s something to be found at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide that fit every palate and help to support vendors in your local neighborhood.