Date of sale:        Friday, April 11, 2014
What’s on sale:   Ataulfo mangoes
Price:                   $.69 each or $9 per case

What to know about these mangoes:
Mangoes are the perfect ingredient for any meal from breakfast to dinner and even cocktails. Stock up and buy a case for your next fiesta!

Don’t know how to slice a mango? Learn how here.

Mango madness is sweeping the nation – tell your children! Watch this short video to get a taste of the fictionalized drama that could come your way if you (or someone you know) falls victim to the sweet, juicy call of the mango

Make the most of mangoes by pureeing, freezing or even drying them. Find delicious uses for mangos at

Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe) mangoes are sweet, creamy in texture and free of stringy fibers. These mangoes are perfect for blending into drinks, sauces or desserts. They have a large flesh-to-pit ratio, meaning you get more mango for your money.

How to select mangoes:
Give it a gentle squeeze, and, if it is ripe, it will have a slight give like a peach or avocado.

Mango mocktail
Mango sake sling
Shrimp and mango ceviche
Fresh mango marinade
Pickled mango spears
Baked salmon with warm mango salsa
Mango miso tofu salad
Mango raspberry and cashew cream parfaits

Fine print:
Canadian and U.S. stores only. Rain checks and limits vary by region, please check with stores for details.