AUSTIN, Texas (May 1, 2012) – With Mother’s Day around the corner, daughters and sons search for the perfect way to show they care. As spring turns into summer, colorful blooms are a great way to celebrate how moms selflessly give to those around them and brighten up their lives.

Whole Trade flowers from Whole Foods Market® have many of the same characteristics that Mom does – they’re not only beautiful, but they keep on giving. Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade Guarantee ensures that growers get equitable wages and working conditions while also caring for the environment. Additionally, funds from Whole Trade Guarantee sale support community development projects in the countries products are sourced from, such as schools, education programs and health services. Send a sweet message to Mom this Mother’s Day or any day with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and not only make her day, make someone else’s too.

“When shoppers purchase a bouquet of Whole Trade Guarantee flowers for their mom or a loved one, they’re not only getting beautiful, high-quality blooms, but their purchases help make a difference in the lives of the people who grow them,” said John Walker, senior global produce coordinator for Whole Foods Market

“Whole Foods Market has not only sought out the finest roses in south America for mother’s day but is paying a 10 percent premium to improve the lives of flower workers, most of whom are women and many of whom are mothers themselves. In fact, WFM was the first US retailer to generate $1 million in Community Development Premiums which has funded hundreds of scholarships for children and adults, provided micro loans for small businesses, cancer screening for women and decent housing for the community,” said Paul Rice, president and CEO for Fair Trade USA

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