AUSTIN, TX (August 28, 2014) –  The South Island’s towering mountains and plunging rivers mix with the North Island’s sun-soaked coastal plains to bring Whole Foods Market shoppers six amazing wines from New Zealand, a wine region that continues to surprise and delight wine lovers.   

Wine offerings include everything from a pinot gris with loads of up-front ripe fruit that’s a perfect pair for piccata to a rich, well-rounded pinot noir that is a delicious match for a pork loin with a sour cherry glaze.

“These wines have been handpicked to showcase the flavorful and exotic variety wines that come from New Zealand,” said Doug Bell, global beverage buyer for Whole Foods Market. “Our selection represents the country’s seven “pillars” of sustainability that reinforce a commitment to protect the beautiful environment from where they come and showcase the many flavors of the islands that feature a wine for every palate.”

Shoppers are invited to visit their Whole Foods Market wine department by September 30, 2014, to enter to win a 10-night, 9-day trip for two to New Zealand by matching wine pairings with featured wines. For more information about this wine trip courtesy of Air New Zealand and New Zealand Winegrowers, visit

Twitter Tasting

Wine enthusiasts 21 and older can taste these wines at Whole Foods Market store tasting events or join two Twitter Tastings using hashtag #WFMwine. Dates, times and wines include: 

Thursday, September 18, 7-8 p.m. CT:

·        Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc

·        Oyster Bay Chardonnay

·        Villa Maria The Red Blend

Thursday, October 9, 7-8 p.m. CT:                                                                         

·        Sophora Sparkling Cuvée

·        Kim Crawford Pinot Gris

·        Grove Mill Pinot Noir

Featured New Zealand wines include:


Wairau River Sauvignon Blanc—With forward aromas of green apple and tangerine, this white’s bright acidity gives way to dense flavors of ruby red grapefruit and mango.

Pairings: Piave Oro del Tempo cheese, seafood enchiladas, fish with lemon, fennel salad and Mexican Caesar Salad


Kim Crawford Pinot Gris—This white has up-front ripe fruit with peach, cinnamon and pear skin notes and offers a pleasant minerality and nicely weighted finish.

Pairings:  Anco Saint Agur blue cheese, braised greens, piccata, walnuts, lime-grilled chicken or fish and Poached Halibut with Ginger and Cilantro


Oyster Bay Chardonnay—Meyer lemon and tart apple aromas are found in this sleek, well- balanced white. And, a whisper of oak rounds out the fruitiness, adding complexity to the creamy finish. 

Pairings: Emmi Roth Le Gruyère, fish or squash with caramelized onions, onion dip, Vidalia onion soup and Butternut Squash Gratin with Le Gruyère


Grove Mill Pinot Noir—With aromas of red raspberry, this red has a complexity of well-rounded flavors of cherry, cassis and rosemary on the subtly tart finish.

Pairings: Uniekaas Robusto cheese, charcuterie, goat cheese stuffed peppadews, pork loin with sour cherry glaze and Coffee-Rubbed Roasted Chicken


Villa Maria The Red Blend—Dark chocolate and eucalyptus are on the nose of this deeply rich red and give way to hints of mint and black olive. A lush, structured finish brings flavors of chocolate cake and blackberry.

Pairings: Cabot Clothbound Cheddar cheese, lamb with root vegetables, hearty stew, chicken mole and Leg of lamb with Crispy Onions


Sophora Sparkling Cuvée—Rich and ripe, this sparkler has a lasting creaminess and notes of baked fruits and citrus in the clean finish.

Pairings: Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue cheese, French toast, bacon-wrapped figs, hazelnut shortbread, eggs Benedict, full-flavored fish and Baked Cranberry-Walnut French Toast