Without pollinating insects like honeybees, stingless bees and solitary bees, coffee production could drop by up to 40 percent–a potentially rude awakening for Americans, who consume 400 million cups of joe daily*, and one of many reasons Whole Foods Market and The Xerces Society are teaming up this month to “share the buzz” about the plight of pollinators.

Through April 28, shoppers can take part in family-focused events that support pollinator conservation efforts and can learn more about how to “bee” part of the solution through activities like planting wildflowers, choosing “Responsibly Grown” produce or buying organic.

Additionally, Whole Foods Market’s Gilman store in Berkeley, California, demonstrated what the store’s salad bar choices would look like in a world without pollinators. The photos and results are startling.

For more information about Whole Foods Market visit wholefoodsmarket.com/pollinators.


* According to Coffee Statistics Report – 2011 Edition