Honolulu, HI (December 2, 2011) The newest local offering at Whole Foods Market’s Kahala store will have shoppers clucking with joy; locally raised cage-free eggs from Maili Moa Farm.  The eggs will be available by the dozen for $6.99 at Whole Foods Market starting Friday, December 2.

As the young hens’ rate of laying increases and more eggs are available, they will also be available at Whole Foods Market in Kahului, Maui.  And once supply is sufficient, Maili Moa eggs will replace all mainland eggs used in Whole Foods Market’s Hawai‘i’s prepared foods departments.

“We are excited to be able to provide cage-free eggs for Whole Foods Market and the people of Hawai‘i. We are thankful for Whole Foods support and look forward to being a part of the Whole Foods’ ‘ohana for a long time,” Minda Cortado, Maili Moa owner.

Owned and operated by Mark Takaki and Minda Cortado, Maili Moa Farm is a second generation operation located in Ma`ili, West O`ahu.  Earlier this year, Mark and Minda invested in a new barn to house cage free hens.  In this environment the hens are able to roam freely and express natural behaviors such as dust bathing, socializing and stretching their wings.

“At Whole Foods Market we are passionate about sourcing Hawai`i-grown products while also remaining true to our commitment to purchasing from farms that treat animals respectfully and humanely.  It is exciting and gratifying to finally be able to offer our customers something that they have been waiting for for some time now —  eggs that are cage-free and locally raised,” said Claire Sullivan, Whole Foods Market’s Hawai`i coordinator of purchasing and public affairs.  “We have great respect for Mark and Minda’s dedication to their farm and the vision and bravery it took for them to make this significant investment.”

For additional information on Whole Foods Market K?hala, please visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/honolulu/ or call (808) 738 ?0820. Whole Foods Market K?hala is also on twitter, www.twitter.com/wfmkahala and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WholeFoodsKahala for even more up-to-the-minute updates on store events and sales.