Whole Foods Market's decentralized purchasing model means the company can work with vendors of all sizes to sell in all stores – or just in one, depending on how the producer wants to scale. Buyers review and bring to market hundreds of products every month. Here are a few favorites hitting Northern California and Reno stores in April.

A limited number of samples are available for product reviews. Contact beth.krauss (at) wholefoods (dot) com.

Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee
Oakland, CA
$3.99/10.66 oz. carton
The all-organic contents of each single-serving carton are much like you'd receive at a Blue Bottle shop: coffee, roasted chicory, cane sugar, and Clover milk. The coffee is cold-brewed in massive quantities at the Fort Point Brewing Company, then sent up to Clover’s headquarters in Petaluma to be mixed with the milk and sugar, and packaged in the cartons. Blue Bottle chose Clover's milk in a blind taste test, as well as for its sustainability.

Whole Foods Market’s New Killer Cookies
Oakland, CA and “Made Right Here” (baked in house)
Made with 100 percent stone-ground whole grain from the Bay Area’s own Community Grains
Hipster Chipster: a take on a classic chocolate chip cookie. Vegan.
Chocolicious: flourless, crunchy and fluffy triple chocolate cookie.
PB&C: peanut butter cookie with loads of peanuts and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.
Peace, Love & Oatmeal: oatmeal cookie with rolled oats, candied cranberries, raisins and brown sugar.
Chunky Chunky: semisweet chocolate, coconut and walnuts mixed together with brown sugar.

Beehive Squeaky Bee Cheese Curds
Uintah, UT
$7.99/8 oz. pack (on sale Apr. 2-29 for $6.99/8 oz. pack)
Flavors: Original and Ragin’ Cajun
If you haven’t had cheese curds, you’re missing out on a delicious treat that squeaks when you take a bite. Beehive takes pride in coming up with the right combination of fresh ingredients – with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These curds are great as a snack straight from the pack, or ambitious cooks can get fancy and make their own poutine.

Tanka Bison Bars
Pine Ridge, SD
Flavors: Original, Apple Orange Peel, Spicy Pepper
Based on a traditional Lakota recipe of dried meat and fruits, these bars offer a high protein, low fat, Omega-3 rich energy boost. Tanka Bar is a mission-driven company cooperatively owned and run by Native American Oglala Lakota Indians on the Pine Ridge Reservation (South Dakota). The story of this company is a great one; with the bars they’ve created jobs and economic growth in a geographically isolated place and one of the poorest counties in America.

Alaffia Everyday Coconut: Coconut Lime Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner
$11.99/32 oz. bottle 
First to market at Whole Foods Market
This all-natural shampoo and conditioner is made with IMO Fair for Life-certified coconut shea butter, coconut oil soap and neem leaf extract. The refreshing shampoo cleanses thoroughly without stripping natural oils. The creamy, highly moisturizing conditioner adds shine and extra body to hair. Alaffia products carry the Whole Trade Guarantee, meaning fair wages and good working conditions for producers, and one percent of proceeds benefit Whole Planet Foundation to fund microcredit loans worldwide. Alaffia also works to improve the quality of life in Togo, where the company is based, through reforestation projects, bikes for students to improve access to schools, and women’s health programs.