Spring is in full bloom, and so is Whole Foods Market’s Rosé Garden – the company’s latest collection of high-quality rosé wines. Not to be confused with your mom’s white zinfandel, the Rosé Garden wines represent a variety of vintners from all over the world, including custom, local and imported brands. These wines are available for a limited time through June 2013 at Whole Foods Market’s Southern California locations.

“With our Rosé Garden selection, we’re branching out as one of the first retailers to highlight a collection of high-quality rosés. We’ve sought out some the of the world’s best pink varietals to help open our guests’ taste buds to trying new twists on a well-loved classic,” said Claude Ruau-Choate, specialty coordinator, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific region. “We invite our shoppers to uncork a different brand, taste a new blend and take advantage of this collection available just for the next few months.”

New to Whole Foods Market’s Rosé Garden are two Southern California wines — from Ampelos Cellars and Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post vineyards — part of the company’s “One Wine” collection. Nestled in the heart of the Central Coast of California, these two local vineyards are hidden treasures, offering a distinct climate, geography and soil that brings forth flavors unlike any other.

Shoppers can hand pick from a selection of the following crisp, dry and refreshing rosés:

  • Bieler Rosé 2012, $11.99
  • Charles and Charles Rosé 2012, $12.99
  • Chateau Routas Rouviere Rosé, $14.99
  • Cht. D’esclans Whispering Angle Rosé 2012, $19.99
  • Clos Alivu  Rosé, $19.99
  • Dom de la Fougette Cote de Provence Rosé, $17.99
  • Hitching Post Pinks 2012, $14.99
  • One Wine Ampelos Rosé, $17.99
  • Pampelonne Rosé, $19.99
  • Roquesante Rosé Provencal 2012, $12.99
  • Secco Rosé Bubbles, $12.99
  • St. Roche Cote de Provence Rosé, $14.99
  • Vie Vite Cotes de Provence Rosé 2012, $16.99

The Rosé Garden collection is available in limited quantities. Visit your local Whole Foods Market in Southern California to pick up one of these unique wines today.

For more information about Whole Foods Market’s One Wines and Rosé Garden, please visit: https://wholefoodsmarket.com/department/wine.