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Whole Foods Market launches line of hair care products

Plant-based, salon-quality products priced below $10

AUSTIN, Texas (April 5, 2016) – Whole Foods Market has launched a line of plant-based hair care products with key plant-active ingredients. The line features shampoos, conditioners and four different styling products.

Each product in the line costs less than $10. Additionally, the hair care products meet the company’s stringent standards for beauty and personal care products, which has led the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to name Whole Foods Market “the leading national retailer” in personal care product safety.

“In the past, customers had to choose between hair care products that were free of harmful ingredients, but did not perform very well, or salon-quality products that possibly contained less-desirable ingredients,” said Brenda Peterson, beauty product developer for Whole Foods Market’s store brands. “But now, we’re thrilled to offer our customers great, plant-based hair care at a fraction of the price.”

Products from the Whole Foods Market store brand line include:

For a list of unacceptable ingredients in Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care standards, visit:

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