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Whole Foods Market’s Responsibly Grown produce ratings can lead to a big impact in agriculture

Consumers can continue to help make a difference by expressing what matters to them

Research shows that agricultural issues cannot be ignored:

Whole Foods Market’s new Responsibly Grown rating system for produce and flowers rewards growers for taking action to protect human health and the environment and labels items as “good,” “better” or “best.”

Several experts have spoken out in favor of the impact of the aggressive pesticide policy included in Responsibly Grown:

Shoppers have expressed concern about pesticide use, the decline of pollinators and water use. Whole Foods Market listened and worked diligently for several years to create the new groundbreaking comprehensive produce rating system Responsibly Grown. The company wants to continue to learn about the issues are important to consumers and it invites the public to take a brief survey called “What Do You Value?” as part of its “Values Matter” brand campaign to share what matters most to them. For more information on the campaign and additional content on what makes Whole Foods Market different, visit:

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