Spring brightens up everything, so in March Whole Foods Market Northern California is celebrating the brightest seasonal flavors, colors and communities. Media samples are available; email wholefoods@shiftcomm.com to arrange to review a product.

Muscat Grapes
$3.99/lb (on sale for $2.99/lb through 3/17)
The muscat grape season is a short one, and these Chilean beauties are only available at Whole Foods Market. Muscats range in color from light green to deep blushed pink, and have a sweet, rich flavor. Popular uses for muscat grapes include sorbets and granitas, salads, cheese pairings and, of course, eating straight off the vine.

Ataulfo/Manila Mangoes
First of the season! This smaller, yellow mango is one of the juiciest, most tasty varieties and offers a smooth, buttery, tangy flavor. For ultimate ripeness, select a mango that has (or wait until the mango you’ve selected has) deep yellow skin and perhaps a few wrinkles. Great for salsas, desserts, or as-is for a fruity treat.

Spring flowers
Our floral departments are in full bloom with tulips (various colors, $9/each). Plus, for most of March, other varieties are in season and on sale: Freesia ($8), Ranunculus ($8), Anemone ($7), Hyacinth ($7), and Field Daffodils (3 for $5). 

Alaffia Handwoven Grass Easter Baskets 
$13.99 (on sale for $9.99 in late March/early April)
Made from native grasses by weavers in Togo, these baskets are not only beautiful; they’re Certified Fair for Life by the Institute for Marketology, whose contracts guarantee fair prices and no slavery or child labor. Every Alaffia basket is unique, made of 100% biodegradable wild resources, and supports “Africans strengthening Africans” – the company’s mission to develop communities in Togo and Upper East Ghana. A portion of sales helps fund Alaffia Community Empowerment in West Africa.

Criterion Malbec and Pinot Grigio
Whole Foods Market’s exclusive Criterion brand launches this month. Designed by Master Sommelier Devon Broglie, the line is designed to represent the quintessential flavor of each varietal, i.e. “what a Malbec or Pinot Grigio should taste like.” Each wine comes from its definitive region: the Pinot Grigio from Fruili, Italy and the Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.
Criterion Malbec: $14.99/750 mL
Criterion Fruili Pinot Grigio: $11.99/750 mL (Pinot Grigio may not be in stores until March 15)

Whole Foods Market Paleo Snack Pack
$6.99/6-9 oz.
Made-in-house snack packs are designed to cater to the Paleo lifestyle. Varieties include Provencal, Tuscan, Sweet & Savory and Chicken & Egg. Options may vary by store.