Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading organic and natural grocery retailer, opens its first store in Scotland today,

Wednesday 16th November.

The anticipation for the opening in Giffnock has reached fever pitch and the launch day is an event in itself. Following a short 9am opening ceremony where

Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment

will formally welcome Whole Foods Market to Scotland, Jeff Turnas, the Regional President for the UK, will open the doors to local shoppers.  Accompanied by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, the opening will be a Scottish foodie fanfare to welcome the local community.

Darren Campbell, Store Team Leader for Whole Foods Market Giffnock, said: “Finally, we can open our doors to the local community in Giffnock who have been so supportive.   We are thoroughly excited to be here and our entire new group of team members can’t wait to get started.”

Whole Foods Market’s new store in Giffnock will offer a place to shop where everything will be freshly made, locally sourced, mindful of the seasons, Scottish wherever possible and beautifully displayed.  No food or drink sold here has any artificial colours, preservatives, hydrogenated fats or other additives and Whole Foods Market believes that it should inspire shoppers to think differently about the food they eat and that this will change what they put on their plates.

Richard Lochhead MSP, the Cabinet Minister for Rural Affairs, said: “I am delighted to warmly welcome Whole Foods Market to Scotland and their arrival helps set a new standard for retailing.

“For a company looking to capitalise on growing consumer demand for locally produced, top quality food, they have found a natural home in Scotland. I have no doubt the opening of their first store will be the beginning of a lasting relationship with a retailer that has earned a reputation for not only sourcing local produce, but for educating shoppers on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

From an in-house ‘scratch’ bakery (with certified Kosher breads) to a traditional butchery counter with the finest, highest welfare 100% Scotch beef, lamb and pork via grocery shelves displaying over 400 products produced in Scotland – and a fishmongers full of fresh local catch and magnificent shellfish and a machine allowing customers to make their own peanut butter – this is clearly a departure from supermarket shopping as we have known it.

On entering the store shoppers will see a large fresh produce section with a special ‘wet wall’ that mists the shelves with tiny water jets to keep fresh fruit and vegetables at their best throughout the day.  Here, alongside every fruit and vegetable that is seasonally available, 20 different varieties of mushrooms sit alongside heritage potato varieties Belle De Fontenay and Red Duke of York, grown specially for Whole Foods Market in Scotland.

Next door to produce, another unique feature is the ‘bulk’ section.  Here shoppers can choose from coffee, grains, pulses and rice but only take what they need,  thereby reducing waste.  The ‘Giffnock blend’ coffee is locally roasted by Thomsons and 10% of sales will be donated to local causes.  Another novelty is that shoppers will be able to make their own peanut or almond butter using a special nut grinding machine.  Your morning toast will never be the same again.  Beer and wine will be on tap-literally-with refillable stations for both.

Our traditional butchers will feature a 24ft counter that will display some of Scotland’s finest meats, expertly prepared.  Our butchers will be cutting all the meat seen on the counter by hand and to order.  Our beef is 100% Scotch and for flavour, comes mostly from slow-growing native breeds such as Galloway or Aberdeen Angus.  A unique feature of butchery is the dry aging case.  Here, customers will be able to choose from ribs of beef and steaks aged between 28 and 35 days for extra tenderness and flavour.

Every chicken sold by Whole Foods Market in the UK is free range and slow grown.  All the pork and lamb are from Scottish farms and often from just one single source.  There will be up to 35 different varieties of sausage available, all made without MSG or artificial fillers.

One of Whole Foods Market’s core values is to offer shoppers support and information on leading a healthier lifestyle through the food they choose.  The ‘Health Starts Here’ programme features in every section of the store.  Shoppers will be able to speak to our healthy eating specialist, learn about dietary alternatives, be inspired by recipe cards that change monthly or simply pick up delicious ready- to- eat foods that celebrate naturally flavourful whole foods by limiting added sodium and contain no extracted oils or refined sweeteners.  Moreover, our unique ANDI scale helps customers choose the most nutrient- dense foods to take the first steps towards a revitalised and energised way of eating.

The commitment to Scottish cheeses and eggs bears out Whole Foods Market’s ability to create new shops that are completely in sync with the communities they serve.  The majority of the cheeses are Scottish and include some real ‘heroes’ of farmhouse cheese making  that are currently available  including the Isle of Mull Cheddar, the Highland Fine Cheese company’s Black Crowdie and Devenick Dairy’s Brie.  Ice cream in many flavours will be available from Thorntonhall Ice Cream and all the milk is from Scottish dairies.

Beyond food and drink, we offer all natural, organic and even vegan skin, hair and body care.  The ‘Whole Body’ section specialises in products and supplements that are plant-based and use only naturally-derived ingredients including pure essential oil fragrances, gentle preservatives and non-petroleum ingredients.  Our high-potency, quality dietary supplements are free from artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners and Irradiated herbs.  It goes without saying that Whole Foods Market does not allow any animal testing on any of our personal care products. Widely-available all natural beauty brands sit alongside locally sourced smaller Scottish brands such as Live Native and Pure Lochside to offer a fantastic range under the one roof.

Baby food and supplies, ecological household products and some homewares are present and will of course, be the most natural, ethically sourced goods available.

Whole Foods Market in Giffnock will be staffed by fully trained chefs and baristas serving an extensive range of hot and cold food as well as offering a smoothie and juice bar, a 34-seat café and an extensive menu of hot drinks made using regular or specialist milks.  Sushi will be made fresh by hand in-house as will local favourite Cullen Skink at the new soup station.

The ever- popular Rotisserie chicken (free range, of course) will be available by half or quarter sizes and here you will be able to choose from some vegetable sides to go with it to make up one of the new ‘Rotisserie meals’.  In-house made Burritos with a wide range of fillings will be made by our chefs in front of you and a self- serve  hot food bar including fish and chips, pizza and pies will help keep some of the winter cold away.

Whole Foods Market’s ‘Chefs Case’ will offer restaurant- quality food at take- out prices and the ‘Meals to go’ range will be ready to pick up for heating and eating at home when time is short. We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Jeff Turnas, President of the UK Region said “This is a place where you can shop with your conscience intact.  Whole Foods Market offers a principled, thought- provoking, great tasting, community led, social place to shop.  We can’t wait to meet you in Giffnock.”