Date of sale:       Friday, March 28
What’s on sale:  3 – 4-oz. cold water lobster tails
Promotion:         $4.99 for 3 – 4-oz. tails

What to know about these lobster tails:
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or changing up a weeknight dinner – lobster tails are always impressive, and they’re on sale for just $4.99 each on Friday, March 28! These hard-shelled lobster tails are hand selected, harvested and frozen within hours for Whole Foods Market.

Our fishmongers can help make a great selection and will be glad to share expert tips on preparation and pairings. Shoppers can always find the highest-quality options at a neighborhood Whole Foods Market, as well as the most sustainable seafood choices.

Cooking suggestions:
Lobster tails are easy to grill, boil or steam. They are a perfect choice for classics like lobster with drawn butter, or try new favorites with lobster salads and soups. Grilled lobster is also an unexpected yet easy way to enjoy the sweet, tender protein and the spring weather. Whole Foods Market seafood experts recommend splitting the lobster tails in half, lengthwise, for easy and elegant serving after they’re cooked.

Lobster is fully cooked when the shell turns red and the flesh becomes white. When boiling, allow five to six minutes per pound.

Classic Lobster with Lemon and Chive Drawn Butter
Herb-Roasted Lobster and Steak
Lobster Salad
Pan-Roasted Shrimp and Lobster Stew
Lobster Bisque with Sherry and Smoked Paprika

Fine print: Canadian and U.S. stores only. No rain checks. Limit varies store to store.