LOS ANGELES (July 27, 2015) —New Barn Almondmilk, the first organic almond milk made with six or fewer simple ingredients and three times the protein, is now exclusively available in the refrigerated dairy sections at the 56 Whole Foods Market stores in Southern California, Arizona, southern Nevada and Hawaii.

With three flavors to choose from—unsweetened, sweetened and vanilla—New Barn Almondmilk comes in convenient, highly recyclable PET 28 fluid ounce bottles and costs $4.99.

What makes this almond milk different? It’s made with more almonds—which means more protein, healthy fats and an overall higher nutrition content. Ingredients include organic almonds, spring water from California, U.S.-grown organic maple syrup in the sweetened version, organic acacia gum and sea salt.

“Many of our shoppers were looking for simple organic almond milk made without extra ingredients like carrageenan,” said Diane Snyder, vice president of purchasing, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region. “Our partnership with New Barn allows us to provide this delicious, affordable option for customers looking for homemade nondairy almond milk available at the grocery store. Instead of having to go to the farmers’ market, juice bar or make it at home, they can now pick it up in their local Whole Foods Market.”

New Barn Almondmilk provides a high-protein dairy alternative and tastes great in cereals and other recipes, such as almond butter thumbprints, cranberry almond granola or protein-packed vegan quiche. For additional recipe ideas, click here.

For more about how New Barn Almondmilk was created, check out this short animated video.