AUSTIN, Texas (April 22, 2013) –Whole Foods Market continues its journey this month to encourage Earthlings  – or humans inspired by the earth’s beauty and bounty – to contribute to and be inspired by, a real-time snapshot of the planet’s beauty and bounty with a new lifestyle theme each week. This week’s celebration is focused on energy.

Earthlings can visit to join the conversation around the type of energy they rely on (solar, wind, coffee?) by submitting a message, photo or video using Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or, simply use the hashtag #WFMEarthling via Twitter or Instagram.

Shoppers can also visit The Earthling Guide to learn about the simple ways to conserve energy. Check out the guide for tips such as:

·        Don’t Get Bit – By Vampire Energy, that is. Common household appliances could be sucking up extra energy in the home. This wasted energy is estimated to cost US consumers $3 billion a year. That’s a lot of green.

·        Vitamin D is Key – The sun (in moderation) doesn’t just do the body good. Learn how this shining ball of light gives new life to the term “solar energy.”

·        Weatherize for Your Wallet – Improve home energy efficiency to do the right thing and put money in the bank.

·        Biking is Better – Check out the latest issue of Dark Rye for motivation on the basic forms of transportation for many in urban areas to ride in style with no emissions.

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