As part of its Share the Buzz campaign, Whole Foods Market will donate 50 cents for every jar of 365 Everyday Value ® pollinator-friendly almond butter sold between April 15 and 28, to The Xerces Society.

Whole Foods Market offers pollinator-friendly almonds and butters in support of a program piloted by The Xerces Society and Nevada Ranch in Le Grange, California, which integrates native wildflower habitats and improved pesticide protection into large-scale almond production. By planting native, drought-resistant wildflowers that are known to attract pollinators, and through fence-line and riparian planting, the program encourages a biodiverse landscape and protects pollinators.

“Whole Foods Market sells a lot of almonds, but most people don’t realize almond trees can’t produce nuts without pollinators, or that there aren’t enough bees to sustain the demand on their own,” said Errol Schweizer, global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market. “When we heard about the important research and work happening at Nevada Ranch, we put our money where our mouth is and bought last year’s entire harvest for this special batch of pollinator-friendly almonds and almond butters.”

The butters are available in creamy and crunchy varieties. Pollinator-friendly almonds are available in Original and Honey Roasted flavors.