AUSTIN, Texas (May 8, 2012) – Haiti’s Francis mango is back for a short six to eight weeks at Whole Foods Market. Starting now and for a limited time, shoppers will find this exclusive Fair Trade™ Certified fruit under the grocer's Whole Trade program, which drives meaningful dollars into the struggling Haitian economy.

Whole Foods Market is the sole buyer of Fair Trade Certified mangos and purchases the fruit from small Haitian growers, sometimes buying from a family with just one tree. The Whole Trade Guarantee ensures growers receive equitable pay – a key point since this mango crop is often the only source of cash income for many of these farmers. Additionally, many stores will offer organic Haitian mangos. This is the third year the company has brought Whole Trade Haitian mangos to stores, and Whole Foods Market is working to expand the number of growers it works with, providing more mangos to shoppers and more money in Haitian grower’s pockets.

”The rich flavor and juicy, sweet flesh of the Francis mango from Haiti is simply unmatched. It’s available for just a short time each year and our shoppers look forward to enjoying its unique flavor. Best of all, with the Whole Trade Guarantee, shoppers can buy with confidence, knowing that their purchase helps put money back into the pockets of the hard-working farmers who produce this exceptional fruit,” said John Walker, senior global produce coordinator for Whole Foods Market.

This is the third year Whole Foods Market is offering Whole Trade Haitian mangos to shoppers, and the company aims to increase the number of mangos available to its shoppers by 75 percent this year. Shoppers can find these mangos in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide during the varietal's short season from May to early June.

“Farmers in Haiti are finally seeing the value of their mango trees, thanks to Whole Foods Market’s purchase of Fair Trade Certified mangos, which means more trees are being planted in a country that is 98% deforested. By organizing at the community level and selling their mangos as Fair Trade Certified to Whole Foods Market, farmers can earn more and create jobs in rural communities. Whole Foods Market travels to Haiti every spring to assure Fair Trade farmers that they can plant more mango trees with confidence—that farmers have a partner they can count on,” said Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA.

Shoppers can check with their local store for availability of Whole Trade Haitian mangos at