AUSTIN, Texas (Sept. 16, 2011) — In just 10 hours last Tuesday, a million people bought a $20 Whole Foods Market gift card for only $10 dollars from Living Social.  With redemptions underway, Whole Foods Market Team Members are excited to help show shoppers how far $20 can go for natural and organic products.

“There are literally thousands of ways to slice and dice a $20 spend, whether it's preparing a healthy meal for the entire family, stocking organic pantry staples or gathering nutritious lunch fixings for the kids,” said Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. “Shoppers can stretch their dollars with us for products that meet their discerning tastes and our high quality standards.”

Rising food costs haven't curbed Americans' appetite for natural and organic foods, according to results of the latest Annual Food Shopping Trends Tracker Survey.  The poll, conducted online in August 2011 by Harris Interactive® on behalf of Whole Foods Market Inc., found that of 2,112 adults surveyed, nearly three out of four (74 percent) wouldn't compromise on the quality of the food they buy.  

“This latest research proves Americans are seeking out high quality organic and natural products but are shopping in ways that help them to save money,” Robb said. “We are here to help them on that front.”

By using the Whole Deal coupons and shopping the weekly specials, the bulk department and the company's 365® and 365 Organic Everyday Value® lines, shoppers can get a bag full of goodies for just $20 at Whole Foods Market. To highlight this point, Whole Foods Market Team Members who work at the company's headquarters in Austin shopped for their weekend on a $20 budget.  They are enthusiastic about sharing their creative yet frugal finds in today's Whole Story Blog post.  These range from fixings for a spicy tailgate party or a veggie taco fiesta to a family “taste of Thailand” dinner or runner's snacks.