Date of sale:               Friday, May 31, 2013

What’s on sale:           Organic blueberries

Price:                           $1.99 per pint

What to know about these blueberries:

With their astounding color, flavor and superfood status (they are packed with antioxidants!), organic blueberries are a healthy and tasty way to add flavor to summer dishes.

Our field inspectors and buyers take a close look at the blueberries, inspecting for quality, sweet flavor and consistent sizing within each package.

You also take home the yummiest organic blueberries because Whole Foods Market carries the most flavorful varieties around. (Hint: look for firm, dry, plump berries with a subtle, whitish bloom.)

Did you know?

That soft, hazy white coating on a blueberry is called the bloom and it is a completely natural part of the berries’ defense mechanism. The bloom helps protect from the harsh rays of the sun and is not related to flavor, but will vary greatly by variety.

Organic berries are a high priority for shoppers, and summer is the best time to snap them up. Whole Foods Market places a high emphasis on getting the organic berries shoppers want.

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Fine print:

Canadian and U.S. stores only. No rain checks.