AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 5, 2013) – In Whole Foods Market’s® Do Something Reel Film Festival, its February film, “The Greenhorns,” shares the lives of young modern-day farmers who attempt to save and reenergize the farming culture but meet tremendous structural obstacles and lack support from the community.

The young farmers highlighted in the film – descendants of family farmers, inner-city gardeners, accidental agriculturalists, homesteaders and ex-suburbanites – are part of a new, emerging farming movement that is working to repair a reliance on monoculture and provide Americans with real, unprocessed food. To achieve this, the film urges to redefine the current food system and increase the literacy of eaters.

“’The Greenhorns’ is about the spirit and motivation of young farmers, the barriers they face, and the aspirations they hold to create a more regional, sustainable and equitable food system,” said filmmaker Severine von Tscharner Fleming. “We are glad that Whole Foods Market is standing up to the challenge of helping customers connect the dots.”

Farmers in the film are from all walks of life and are united in their drive to improve the nation’s food system one farm at a time across the nation. Together, they are redefining what it means to be a farmer.

“These hopeful greenhorns are reclaiming human spaces and attempting to bring small pieces of rural America to the unlikeliest of places like foothills, warehouses, back valleys and vacant lots,” von Tscharner Fleming said.

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Do Something Reel, which kicked off on Earth Day 2012, is an ongoing collection of provocative films about food and environmental issues that can be purchased and streamed on various digital platforms. The festival was formed in partnership with FilmBuff and is presented in association with Applegate Organic & Natural Meat, Earthbound Farm Organic, Popcorn Indiana and siggi’s.