AUSTIN, Texas (April 25, 2012) — Whole Foods Market announces the online premiere of “WATERSHED: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West,” the second film in this year’s Do Something Reel Film Festival. Produced by James Redford, narrated by his father, Robert Redford, and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, “WATERSHED” will be available to online audiences for one month, beginning May 1, at for $5.99.

“WATERSHED” tells the story of the threats to the once-mighty Colorado River, a river so dammed, dibbed and diverted, it no longer flows to its natural end at the Gulf of California. Told through heartening character vignettes, this film defines the demands of 30 million people on this precious water lifeline and illustrates the simple and effective solutions available to all to restore this watershed.

“The American West is defined by the Colorado. It is as hardworking as it is gorgeous, but it needs someone to give it a voice,” said James Redford, producer of “WATERSHED.” “If we can raise awareness of the unprecedented demands placed on this mighty river, and then engage the masses to conserve just 5 percent of their water usage, we will have done something crucial to keep this river healthy for future generations.”

Do Something Reel, which kicked off on Earth Day, is an ongoing collection of provocative films about food and environmental issues that can be purchased and streamed online at for a limited time. Whole Foods Market will stream a different film each month with proceeds helping to fund the 2012 Whole Foods Market/AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Festival filmmaker grants. The festival is presented in association with Applegate Organic & Natural Meat, Earthbound Farm Organic, Popcorn Indiana, and siggi’s.

“WATERSHED” will be screened in-store at select Whole Foods Market locations across the country throughout the month of May. A list of screenings and tips on how to conserve water and work towards a greener planet can be found at and on the company’s Facebook page, under the Movie Premier tab. To further support the film’s mission, Whole Foods Market has partnered with Crowdrise to help those inspired by the storyline to take action in several ways including donating to the Colorado River Delta Water Trust: CrowdRise is a platform that provides fundraisers, charities and events with a unique way to raise money and share compelling stories with personal networks, allowing anyone to turn friends into an active base of donors for a cause.