BOULDER, Colo. (April 12, 2016)Whole Foods Market and Boomtown Accelerator today announced a partnership to fuel community-service-based innovation projects in and around Boulder, while nourishing busy entrepreneurs focused on giving back.

Whole Foods Market will provide Boomtown with grocery delivery via Instacart, and will stock the accelerator’s kitchen with nutritious food.

“Professionals in the technology sector—particularly startups—too often neglect their physical health due to the stress of their jobs. We believe founders that pay attention to health and nutrition actually have a competitive advantage,” said Toby Krout, executive director of Boomtown Accelerator. “Not only will Boomtown's food and snack choices become healthier, working with Whole Foods Market and their strong focus on great food will serve as a constant reminder to make good choices in every aspect of their lives.”

The companies will also partner on technology experiments that allow Boomtown’s entrepreneurs to develop and test tools that accelerate the speed, modernization, innovation and quality of the grocer’s regional marketing and operations initiatives. Boomtown and Whole Foods Market will undertake three special projects throughout the partnership. The group is exploring options ranging from apps to enhanced internal operations, to solutions for third-party nonprofits’ donation campaigns.

“Our company was built on an entrepreneurial foundation, and Boulder is ground zero for natural food innovation. Partnering with, and fueling the entrepreneurs at, Boomtown is an honor and a challenge we welcome,” said Adam Ornelas, Whole Foods Market’s marketing and community relations team leader for Colorado. “These are people who work around the clock on their ideas, and they need clean fuel for their brilliant minds to keep them at the top of their game—that’s where we come in.”


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