AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 25, 2022) – Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Whole Foods Market Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, recently participated in Adweek’s Challenger Brands Summit 2022, where she highlighted the company’s latest efforts toward nourishing people and the planet. In conversations with Adweek Sustainability Editor Kathryn Lundstrom, Gafsi Oblisk detailed how Whole Foods Market supports its local and global communities through its high-quality product standards, supply chain transparency, food waste reduction programs and responsible sourcing initiatives.

“Part of our aspiration is to empower our customers to shop in a way that’s aligned with their values. The more transparency we can provide – whether it’s to sourcing, to fishing methods, to growing methods, to animal environments on farms – all of that we see as good and positive,” said Gafsi Oblisk.

Gafsi Oblisk also introduced Whole Foods Market’s 2021 Social Impact Report, which outlines the company’s progress toward its environmental stewardship, responsible sourcing and community giving objectives.

Gafsi Oblisk continued, “We’re on a long, never-ending journey of continuous improvement to identify what we can do better, where we can raise the bar and where we can learn more.”

As Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Gafsi Oblisk leads Whole Foods Market’s marketing, consumer insights and corporate communications functions and oversees the Prime Member program. Through Gafsi Oblisk’s customer-centric approach, she prioritizes opportunities to advance Whole Foods Market’s purpose and build on the company’s legacy of industry-defining leadership in grocery.


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