SANTA MONICA, Calif. (July 11, 2003) Whole Foods Market, the world's largest natural and organic supermarket, opens its doors to the Santa Monica community July 16, with a new store opening at 2201 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.

The progressive natural foods store features premium organic and natural foods, free of artificial additives and preservatives, along with a complete selection of health and body care products.

“The demand for natural and organic foods is growing at a tremendous rate as consumers are more focused on living healthier lives. We are proud to bring Santa Monica delicious and healthy foods from around the world,” said Bill Lombardi, store team leader at the new Santa Monica location. “We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and our Whole Foods Market team has undergone extensive training so they can provide consumers with information about organic foods, locally grown produce, wines, meats and cheeses.”

What makes Whole Foods Market Santa Monica so special?

  • Largest selection of fresh locally grown organic produce
  • Fresh seafood delivered fresh seven days a week
  • Organic and free range poultry, antibiotic, hormone-free
  • Hormone and antibiotic free American and New Zealand natural beef that is 90-99% fat free
  • More than 250 different kinds of artisan cheeses
  • Olive bar featuring varieties from around the world
  • Extensive wine and beer selections; including organic wines
  • Dry-aged beef
  • In-store coffee roaster
  • Ready-to-eat prepared foods that are healthy and delicious
  • Organic and additive-free frozen foods
  • Organic European artisan hearth-style breads baked fresh daily
  • Freshly roasted organic coffee beans
  • Ethnic cuisine from the deli, prepared fresh daily
  • Dairy products, both organic and conventional
  • Bulk foods including granolas, nuts and pastas to name a few
  • Four Whole Foods brands: 365, 365 Organic, Whole Kids Organic and AFA ( Authentic Food Artisan)
  • Unique selection of plants and flowers
  • Beauty and body care products including bulk herbs
  • Dietary supplements
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Natural pet food