Emeryville, Calif. (Oct. 4, 2010) — Whole Foods Market (wholefoodsmarket.com), America’s first certified organic retailer, is pleased to announce that its next Community Giving Day on Oct. 26 will benefit the Organic Farming Research Foundation (www.ofrf.org) and the organization's initiatives to support the advancement of organic agriculture. All of the organic and natural grocer's 31 stores in Northern California and Reno will donate five percent of the day's net sales to the nonprofit.

The OFRF, a national organization based in Santa Cruz, Calif., focuses on transforming agriculture by fostering the continuous improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming practices. To date, the nonprofit has awarded more than 300 grants, providing more than $2.5 million in support to organic researchers. OFRF also works vigorously to create federal policy changes aimed at helping farmers adopt better organic practices and increase the number of acres in organic production.

“Whole Foods Market has been a leader in providing organic products to consumers for 30 years,” said Bob Scowcroft, executive director of OFRF. “They have consistently supported organic farmers through their purchasing both on a national and local level. We salute Whole Foods Market for achieving the distinction of being the single largest purchaser of family farm-produced organic food in the country. We also thank Whole Foods Market and all of their customers for their generous support during the Northern California and Reno Community Giving Day.”

In addition to its research and policy work, OFRF brings authentic farm voices to federal policy makers through it’s Organic Farmers Action Network, a group of 2,800 farmers and consumers committed to organic farms and food. Through the Network, OFRF has sent organic farmers to Washington D.C. to talk face-to-face with lawmakers and program administrators and kept the Network participants informed on key policy changes. Network efforts have helped gain funding increases for key federal organic programs, and secured Congressionally-promised funding levels for organic research.

“Whole Foods Market wholeheartedly supports the important work that the Organic Farming Research Foundation is doing to promote and support organic farming across the country,” said Danny Olivas, executive marketing coordinator for Whole Foods Market's Northern California Region.  “Like OFRF, we work alongside government officials, ranchers and farmers and community groups and organizations to advocate the highest standards of organic policy.  We know this donation will support the important work OFRF is doing on behalf of organic farming.”

For more information, visit: wholefoodsmarket.com or ofrf.org