PORTLAND, Oregon (Sept. 24, 2013)After months of regional competitions at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, twenty-two top butchers and fishmongers battled it out on Saturday in the “Best Butcher Competition and Fishmonger Face-Off” an epic live showdown at FEAST Portland.

A panel of expert and celebrity chefs crowned two champions for their razor-sharp skills, unmatched precision and superior craftsmanship. Hector “El Jefe” Yedra from the company’s Northern California region won the title of “Best Butcher” and Frank “The Italian Slayer” Ficarra from the company’s Florida region clenched the “Finest Fishmonger” crown.

The event, which honored the age-old crafts of butchery and fish mongering, also spotlighted the talented fish and meat cutters who offer second-to-none customer service to Whole Foods Market shoppers every day.  

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