Seattle, WA. (May 6, 2009) – Whole Foods Market is pleased to announce a donation of $17,704 to local non-profit Clean Greens Farm and Market.

The $17,000 donation represents 5% of net sales at Whole Foods Market's four Seattle locations that participated in the Community Giving Day on Earth Day, April 22.

The money raised by Seattle shoppers will go to Clean Greens Farm and Market, a program of the Black Dollar Days Task Force. This local non-profit organization operates as an agricultural producer engaged in the production of chemical-free vegetables. They sell affordable vegetables to all people, especially low income and African American populations and work to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of local food, nutrition and health.

“Thanks to Whole Foods Market, Clean Greens Farm and Market can continue its efforts to provide affordable non-chemical vegetables to the poor and inner-city residents,” said executive director Scott Royder. “In addition their support enables us to educate children and young adults about growing healthy foods, while taking care of the Earth and their community.”

“We are so happy to offer this donation to Clean Greens Farm and Market,” said Milton Artis, marketing specialist at the Westlake store. “This organization is very close to our hearts. At Whole Foods Market we believe that everyone should be able to eat and live well.”