SAN DIEGO, CA (June 13, 2012) – Answering the old adage, “what came first, the chicken or the egg,” for the first time ever select Whole Foods Market stores are providing shoppers with access to locally produced, Eben-Haezer Happy Hens Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs. Available at four Southern California Whole Foods Market locations including Laguna Niguel and three San Diego stores – Hillcrest, La Jolla, and Encinitas – the eggs became available this summer and are available for purchase starting at $6.69 per dozen.

“As the third generation in our family business, I firmly believe that raising free-range and pasture-raised chickens are the way of the future and the best route for our family business to go to make our farm a viable and sustainable business,” said Luie Nevarez, of Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch. “Whole Foods Market has introduced us to a totally new, sustainable way of farming that is not only going to help us thrive, but open doors for us to expand and grow our business making local pastured eggs available for shoppers.”

“Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch is a shining example of a hardworking family farm, which through the next generation of company leadership – like Luie – is help able to realize the full potential of their business,” said Dwight Detter, local forager for Whole Foods Market.“

Raised on Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch, a small farm located just 45 minutes from San Diego, hens are free to roam and feed on the natural vegetation of the organic pastures, resulting in larger, better-tasting eggs that are packed-full of essential vitamins and nutrients. In operation since 1957, they are Whole Foods Market’s first commercial San Diego egg producer to embrace and grow their free-range practices.

“The health benefits of organic pasture-raised eggs far surpass those of conventional eggs. Chickens are meant to feed on the insects that live in the grass, so when they feed in the pasture, they are consuming vitamins that aren’t supplied to them in corn-based feed,” added Detter. “The eggs these hens produce have superior nutrient content with high levels of Vitamins A, D and E, folic acid and Omega-3 – which means that in addition to providing a tasty breakfast, our pasture-raised eggs are providing a full cabinet of supplements and health benefits.”

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