PHOENIX (July 2, 2013) — Whole Foods Market doesn’t kid around when it comes to offering high-quality products and foods. Shoppers will be bleating with delight to find Crow’s Dairy goat milk in the dairy aisle at their local Whole Foods Market Arizona store. Available now in all locations statewide, Whole Foods Market is now the largest retailer of Crow’s Dairy goat milk in the state of Arizona.

Specializing in pure Nubian grade A dairy, the Crow families have been in the dairy business for more than 100 years, whipping out superior quality farmstead dairy products from their humble barn in Rainbow Valley. A locally owned and operated multigenerational facility, Crow’s Dairy was originally a cow dairy, but was sold in 2006 and has since carried their old traditions into a new market — purebred Nubian goats.

“One of our goals at Whole Foods Market is to create ongoing, win-win partnerships with our suppliers,” said Darcy Lee Landis, Whole Foods Market forager and coordinator of local purchasing for Arizona and Nevada. “We are thrilled to be working with Crow’s Dairy and have seen tremendous growth and success in this partnership since we first partnered with them exclusively at our Scottsdale store.”

Along with being locally sourced, the creamy, easy-to-digest, virtually allergen-free qualities of goat milk make for a healthier alternative to the more popular cow milk, leaving your palate satiated and mind at ease. Selling at $8.99 per half-gallon, Crow’s Dairy goat milk is non-homogenized and not ultra-pasteurized, perfect for those D.I.Y. culinary creations, like raspberry goat cheese, yogurt, kefir crème fraîche and even chèvre ice cream.

Crow’s Dairy prides itself on their dedication to providing exceptional, loving care to their animals, resulting in an authentic taste, color and texture that only first-rate farmstead goat milk provides. With a higher concentration of protein, essential amino acids, and essential vitamins and minerals than regular moo juice, goat milk is quickly becoming a favorite amongst Whole Foods Market shoppers.

Visit one of Whole Foods Market’s Arizona locations and pick up a half-gallon of Crow’s Dairy goat milk for just $8.99.

Crow’s Dairy goat milk is currently available at all seven Whole Foods Market locations in Arizona including Chandler, Paradise Valley, Raintree, Scottsdale, Speedway, Tempe and River Road.

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