AUSTIN, TX (September 26, 2008) — After introducing the industry’s most comprehensive standards for body care products earlier this year, Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket, has an exclusive on four new product lines that not only meet the Company’s Premium Body Care Standard but also come from mission-driven companies intent on making a difference.

  “Premium Body Care was created by the Whole Foods Market Quality Standards team, so our customers know that when they see that seal, they can be 100 percent confident that those products are the best available,” said Jeremiah McElwee, Whole Foods Market senior Whole Body coordinator. “We are bringing the purest body care items the market has ever seen to our customers. These exclusive products cannot be purchased anywhere else and each product line is truly unique.”


  The products are currently available in the stores’ Whole Body departments. They do not contain any of the more than 300 ingredients banned on the Premium Body Care Standard list and have not been tested on animals.  The lines include organic baby care with

Peter Rabbit™ Organics – ‘Garden Fresh’ Baby Care Products

; products developed using marine botanicals and ocean vegetation with

Depth Body Care

; sustainable skin care using unrefined shea butter from

Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care

; and products designed specifically for teenage skin and bodies from

Teens Turning Green




Rabbit Organics Garden

Fresh Baby Care Products

Recently named the winner of the Best Baby Care Line by Natural Solutions Magazine, Peter Rabbit Organics —  ‘Garden Fresh’ products by EcoNatura® features USDA-certified organic ingredients such as juices, oils and extracts derived from renewable resources. Whole Foods Market now carries shampoo, baby conditioner/detangler, baby lotion, baby body oil and intense therapy baby cream – all made with the purest certified organic ingredients. The name of the product line was inspired by author Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and Potter’s commitment to the environment. The name of the product line was inspired by author Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and Potter’s commitment to the environment.



Depth Body Care

Depth Body Care products were developed by two marine biologists whose passion for the ocean inspired them to create the products in hopes of raising awareness and appreciation of life below the surface. Depth products are 70 percent organic and enriched with marine botanical extracts and organic aloe vera. Each one contains naturally hydrating marine botanicals that are soothing and nourishing. Depth products use species of marine algae that thrive in the ocean and are regenerating so their use causes no harm to ocean ecosystems.

  In addition to ingredients derived from the sea and an amazing natural aroma fragrance, half of the materials that make up the bottle are recycled. Whole Foods Market carries the full line of Depth products including body washes, hand soaps, shave creams and hair care. Additionally, Depth product sales directly contribute to scholarships for children to attend Camp Sea Lab, which offers authentic marine experiences to instill a sense of awareness and appreciation of the ocean and the life it supports.


Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care

Using sustainably harvested, traditionally extracted, unrefined shea butter as the primary ingredient in Alaffia’s premium handmade lotions, creams and soaps, company founder Olowo-n’djo Tchala strives to preserve indigenous African natural and renewable resources that are culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. A native of Togo, West Africa, Tchala works to preserve centuries-old traditional processes to create shea butter and offer equitable wages in African communities. As part of the company’s commitment to Fair Trade, 10 percent of sales are dedicated to community enhancement projects in Africa and other parts of the world.

  In 2008 alone, Tchala has donated more than $22,000 from sales of Alaffia exclusives at Whole Foods Market. The money has been used to purchase and ship 1,400 bicycles to Togo to allow disadvantaged children, mostly girls, to have transportation to and from school as part of Alaffia’s Bicycles for Education project. Without the bikes, the girls often must walk 10 miles or more to reach school.


Teens Turning Green

Whole Foods Market has aligned with Teens for Safe Cosmetics, a Bay-Area nonprofit composed of teenagers on a mission to make cosmetics safer, to launch a line of natural and organic body care products “for teens by teens” called Teens Turning Green. For the first time, an eco body care line has been created to specifically provide teens with the highest quality and safest products. Hand-selected by teens for safety, sustainability, and practicality, the Teens Turning Green line is a collaboration of inspiring green companies and Teens for Safe Cosmetics. The line features nine products created specifically for teenage skin and bodies and include Benedetta, Depth, EO Products, and Pomega5, Alaffia, Astara and Terra Naturals.

  Whole Foods Market’s Premium Body Care launched in February 2008 and has been lauded by body care experts as the most comprehensive standard in the industry, raising the bar for defining quality natural personal care. The standard and seal of approval label helps consumers decipher which body care products in Whole Foods Market’s Whole Body departments contain the most natural and highest quality ingredients.

  Whole Foods Market buyers are always on the lookout for new and unique products to introduce to shoppers. Because of trusted and strong relationships with suppliers, Whole Foods Market is often able to bring these products to customers before any other retailer. To discover the latest and most unique Whole Foods Market Exclusive products, please visit