AUSTIN, Texas (June 14, 2013) – Whole Foods Market co-CEO Walter Robb shares his thoughts on the recent team member language incident in New Mexico by writing a blog posting today on the company's website.

“On behalf of our senior leadership team, I apologize that a section of our employee handbook regarding team member interactions in the workplace was not clearly written, and for any misunderstandings or offense it has created,” Robb said. “Its intention was to foster inclusion, not exclusion. We have changed the wording of this section and will ensure the new wording and more importantly, the intention behind it, is reviewed and discussed at all store and facility meetings, which will be within 45 days time.”

In the posting, Robb shares the company's revised language guidelines in their entirety as well as the original language guidelines.

“This incident in New Mexico provided us the opportunity to revise language in our handbook, which does not reflect and does not align with the spirit of this company or our track record of respect and appreciation for our team members over the past 33 years,” Robb added. “We hope and believe our revised language unequivocally communicates our support for our team members to honor and celebrate their cultures by speaking the language they prefer, while also helping to ensure a safe, respectful and courteous work and shopping environment.”