As children squeal with anticipation, Whole Foods Market opens its doors on October 22, 2014 to its tiniest store: a first-ever interactive grocery store exhibit at the Kohl Children’s Museum, just outside of Chicago.

This permanent exhibit, which is 900 square feet, allows children to push a cart through the food aisles, work at the deli, bake bread in the bakery, receive shipments on the conveyor belt, restock groceries on the shelves, scan items at the checkout stand and load farm items into a produce truck.

Along with the new “Values Matter” campaign, Whole Foods Market hopes this exhibit will inspire families to choose healthy products and understand more about where food comes from and how it ends up on grocery shelves. Through the campaign and these kinds of community efforts, the natural and organic retailer wants to share the sheer love and joy of food with people of all ages. The company also invites families to take a brief survey called “What Do You Value?” to share what matters most to them.

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