From Monday, September 27, 2010 through Sunday, January 16, 2011, customers who bring their own shopping bags to the Whole Foods Market in Plantation can choose to donate a refund of 10 cents per bag to the Cooperative Feeding Program of Broward County or the Whole Planet Foundation through a program known as Donate Your Dime.

When families fall into economic hardship, The Cooperative Feeding Program provides counseling and support to help them out of the throes of difficult times. The diverse family center offers them hope, contact with community-wide services, and emotional support.  In the past several years the Cooperative Feeding Program has distributed millions of meals to Broward County residents. The organization is a staunch advocate for parity funding for those with disabilities, the elderly, and persons with mental illness.

Donate Your Dime, instituted at the Plantation Whole Foods Market on April 12, 2010, is a program designed to encourage customers to reuse their shopping bags. Each quarter, one local charity is chosen to be one of the beneficiaries opposite the Whole Planet Foundation, which is always included as an option. The Audubon Society and the Broward Education Foundation have both partnered with Whole Foods Market in Plantation since the program was implemented.

The store is currently accepting applications for the next three month period, which begins September 27, 2010.  Non-profit organizations interested can apply by calling Catherine Schlienger, Store Marketing & Community Relations Specialist at 954.236.0600 ext 223.

Whole Foods Market is located at 7720 Peters Road, Plantation, FL 33324.